Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
Wollongong University Medical Students' Society




Cohort              2014
Hometown      Canberra  
Background     Medical Science

A little about me- I was born and bred in the Berra where you need to learn to make your own fun from the day you come out of the womb. Therefore, I have been conditioned to love anything social, where you can let your hair down and have a few laughs… some might even call me adventurous.   Before studying medicine, I worked as a public servant (typical Canberran), went overseas quite a few times and lived at home mooching off my rents.  

I’m here to help you all get through med school by helping throw some awesome events and organizing some wild dance offs here in the Gong for you all to be a part of.  If you have any ideas or ever need to chat, you can find me in the GSM or at the Illa. 

Email: social@wumss.org.au



Cohort              2015
Hometown      Hervey Bay
Background     Science, Public Health

I was born in Nigeria and raised in Fiji before finally settling down in Hervey Bay. Being 4’11 quelled any dreams I had of becoming a professional netball player so I’ve dedicated the past 6 years to being a professional student instead. I believe in ‘work hard, play hard’ and my years of study have taught me that the key to maintaining any semblance of sanity is making sure that you take the time to let your hair down and shake what your mama gave you. I’m excited to help organise some amazing events for you all this year and make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to de-stress when you need it. I’m always up for a chat or a laugh (whether it’s with me or at me). Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Email: jeo736@uowmail.edu.au




Laura Whitelaw

Cohort              2015
Hometown      Melbourne  
Background     Science

My name is Laura (or Whitey if you don’t want every Laura in the GSM answering you!) I grew up on the delicious breakfasts of Melbourne and am still searching for the ultimate Wollongong café. Travelling makes me really happy and I was lucky enough to do a year of my undergrad at the University of Edinburgh. Here I learned that the Loch Ness monster is indeed real, Edinburgh legitimately has buildings like Hogwarts, and most importantly: boys in Kilts know how to dance. I am really passionate about studying medicine and hope I can help make this journey a little easier by being a sounding board, organising events and mentors and helping with anything I can on your journey. Trust the process, trust yourself and enjoy the privilege of learning medicine!

Email: academic@wumss.org.au



Cohort              2015
Hometown      Durban (South Africa)
Background     Occupational Therapy

Hi, I’m Kate.

My role as one of the WUMSS academic representatives for 2016 is to assist students with their studies and to make the transition from having a life to studying medicine as stress free as possible. Various programs such as the mentor program and exam club will be co-ordinated by Laura Whitelaw and myself. I am always around the GSM so come have a chat or contact me via academic@wumss.org.au if you have any academic related issues, questions or if you feel there is a way WUMSS can make your academic experience at UOW even better!

I grew up in South Africa and moved to Australia when I was 14. And yes, to the disgust of many – I still support the Springboks! I completed my undergrad in Brisbane and worked for 2 years as an OT in Central                                                                      Queensland before moving to the lovely Wollongong to study med. 



Jak Righton

Cohort            2015
Hometown    Gold Coast
Background   Exercise Science

Hailing form the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, I finished my undergrad degree in exercise science from Griffith University in 2014 then came to study medicine in the 'gong' for 2015. I enjoy almost anything that Wollongong has to offer wether it be going down to north gong beach for a swim, having a run on the AFL pitch with the local doggies team or even a little performance as part of the med revue cast I'm always up for something to keep the mind busy. My philosophy for medicine is to embrace everything that he university has to offer to you, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. As your phase 1 rep this year my job is to relay your thoughts and feelings to the GSM staff and make your time here at Wollongong as enjoyable as possible. So please, if you ever feel like you're a bit overwhelmed, annoyed/happy with the course or even just want to have a chat I'm always around, so don't hesitate to grab me.



Loki evans

Cohort            2015
Hometown    Brisbane

Hailing from Brisbane, but via Melbourne among other places. I have fallen in love with Medicine, the south coast (especially the Shoalhaven region) and WUMSS. As the Shoalie representative, I am available to all Phase 1 students regarding all related WUMSS topics, including but not limited to, social, academics, personal and of course chocolates and soft drink queries. I look forward to getting to know everyone in Shoalie, and helping everyone have a fun and successful year!







Cohort              2014
Hometown      Hervey Bay
Background     Biomedical Science

Born in Nigeria, bred in Fiji and raised in Hervey Bay, I fell in love with everything about the Sunshine State. Moving to the Gold Coast and completing an undergrad in BMedSc, furthered my love and passion for a career in medicine and Wollongong has been the best place I can imagine to pursue that. During my spare time, I enjoy netball, touch football, running...late and volunteering some time with some amazing young kids. I’m an avid culinary connoisseur (okay I just really like food), and you can regularly find me procrastibaking my time away. My main advice to you would be to take every opportunity you have on board, work hard and enjoy the most amazing, challenging and rewarding 4 years. Trust me when I say the people you meet here will be your friends for life. As Phase 2 Representative, my main job will be liaising all things Phase 2 with the rest of the exec and GSM staff. If you have any questions, need someone to talk to or just need a time out with a cake and coffee, I’m your gal! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

                                                                 Email: awo770@uowmail.edu.au





Cohort              2013
Hometown      Atlanta Georgia (US)
Background     Biomedical Engineering

I am a biomedical engineer from Atlanta Georgia in the US, although I am technically Austramican. I am a 4th year and in Nowra (Vincentia) for phase 3, you may see me slinking around the hospital or at the Shoalhaven campus. I have previously been the academic representative for Wumss and a proud member of SPARTA, a shoalie at heart. My greatest achievement in medicine so far is the Wumss “study hard party hard” award. As one of the phase 3 reps I am involved in representing the interests of my fellow phase 3 students and coordinating certain events for them. I am looking forward to meeting you all at some point, if I haven’t already. Feel free to ask me about phase 3 or 4, or anything really.



ADrianna Thomas

Cohort              2013
Hometown      Adelaide
Background     Medical Science

In 2013 I left the flashing lights of the churches of Adelaide and made my way across the country to begin a new adventure in NSW. This adventure has proved to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, but I have certainly enjoyed the ride. When I’m not hanging around the GSM you’ll likely find me taking a dance class or catching a theatre show. I’m currently finishing Phase 3 in Bowral, so if you ever find yourself in the area feel free to stop, say hey, and have a chat about life, med and everything in between.

Email: apt647@uowmail.edu.au




Cohort              2015
Hometown      Armidale
Background     Occupation Therapy

Hi guys, I’m Marc your WUMSS Sports Rep. I grew up in Coonabarabran and Armidale before moving to Newcastle, where I completed a B.Occupational Therapy while developing my sport addiction. I still work part-time as a Rehabilitation Consultant and feed my addiction with; trail/adventure running, triathlons, touch football, cricket, soccer and the odd bit of gymnastics.

With my OT background I’m here to make sure you balance out brain curls with bicep curls and burn off all those Freddo Frog’s – Yes, we all know. If there is one thing I have learnt through my 5+ years of studying it is; a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Study can quickly become a black hole to your life and before you know it those hot pants have become split pants. So get involved with WUMSS sport and be a good role model for your future patients!




Cohort              2015
Hometown      Chicago, Illinois (US)
Background     Life Sciences, Global Development

Hello! I’m Sonya, a Canadian-American that grew up in the burbs of Chicago and went to university at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing volleyball and board games. I really enjoyed meeting the other international students at the international events last year, and I am looking forward to organising those events and keeping everyone informed on all things international this year. When I moved to Wollongong to start medicine I found it very helpful to have other international students to talk to, so feel free to ask me any questions or say hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you all!



BRadley spackman

Cohort              2015
Hometown      Harden
Background     Science, Psychology

Hey, Brad here, I am the Publications officer, but most people just call me President. As you can tell from my pic I am your resident iron pumping gym rat. But sometimes I wear gym clothes to the GSM but I don't even go to the gym. #scandal
Sarcasm aside... I am actually quite illiterate but that wasn't a requirement for the position. I still watch Grey's anatomy, and dream of one day being just like Meridith, a whiny stick insect. If you don't see me on the weekends it's because I am back in Canberra trying to relive my college glory days. Or I am recounting those story's to my poor subjects. I hope to do some cool things in the next two issues of rupture so keep your eyes pealed. If your a budding journalist throw me an article and I will use it as my own.
My motto in life: Fake it 'till you make it!

                                                                 Email: bjs995@uowmail.edu.au




Cohort              2015
Hometown      Sydney
Background     Radiography

When kicking your computer doesn't work, people usually ask me for help. I can kick harder.

Hi, I'm Alvin. I manage the WUMSS email accounts and website, which means I work mostly behind the scenes ensuring things are up and running. 

I'm a radiographer by profession so I love looking at interesting radiology cases. If you see me around, please don't be afraid to stop for a chat and buy me lunch.

Before e-mailing me, try restarting it. But if you must: web@wumss.org.au