Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

Committee 2017


rose kelly

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Coffs Harbour
Background     Science

Hey everyone, I'm Rose, I'm from Coffs and I moved to Wollongong to get back to the country life after a few years in Sydney. I'm your social rep and can't wait to party with you all and facilitate a smooth and fun transition into Med school. We'll be ready to welcome you in O-week to our beautiful town with its luscious beaches, well cooked Sausages and smiling faces.

Email: social@wumss.org.au


georgina healy


Cohort             2017
Hometown     Mollymook Beach
Background    Medical Science

Hey guys! As your social reps, Rose and I are here to ensure you have the best time possible at UOW Med! Feel free to come to me with any questions you may have, social or otherwise, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out or direct you to someone who can! Super excited to have some g times with all of you.



steve morris

Cohort              2017
Hometown      Orillia, Ontario
Background     Muscle Physiology

G’day mates… Did I say that right? If you haven’t already met me, my name is Steve - and I’am one of the resident Canadians at the GM. I grew up in the Toronto area (none of that Vancouver nonsense) and somehow managed to land myself across the world! When I’m not in the GM, you are most likely to find me looking for somewhere to play pick-up hockey or … looking for 2:1 wing deals. As far as medicine goes, I’m a huge advocate of critical care and I’am the VP of the Critical Care Group (CCIG) at UOW. My goal as your academic rep is to be available on a day-to-day basis, for anything from some simple advice, to practicing a competency. Can’t wait to get started for 17/18 - There’s lots of great ideas floating around WUMSS this year, and an even better group of people on the team.

Email: academic@wumss.org.au


fiona gipps

Cohort              2017
Hometown      Brisbane
Background     Exercise Science and Nutrition










Jack Archer

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Orange
Background     Physiotherapy

Hi, my name is Jack and I am the Sports Representative for WUMSS. I'm another physio from the sophisticated town of Orange in NSW. My earlier days of life involved wasting countless morning swimming and getting involved in a variety of sports. I believe exercise and health are some of the most important aspects of life, and would like to see WUMSS supporting those with interests in sport and exercise. Whether you're interested in individual or team sports, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction!







sam monebi

Cohort             2017
Hometown      Lagos, Nigeria
Background     Physiology

Hello mates! My name is Sam. I was born in Nigeria, lived in the United States and now I am part of the international cohort at UOW. As the international rep, I aim to: 1) help international students integrate to life in the GM and Australia. 2) help prepare for life after the GM (licensing exams, networking with previous graduates and settling back home). If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions on where to see a Kangaroo eventually, hit me up at sm402@uowmail.edu.au.





Jess Cusumano


Cohort              2016
Hometown      Sydney
Background     BSc Hons (Chemistry, Geography and something involving computers and spreadsheets)

Sydney by birth but South Coast in Spirit and a Shoalie for life. I did a Science Degree at ADFA in Chemistry and Geography. I remember pretty much nothing to do with Chemistry and focussed on the Arts side of Geography. I did my honours thesis at Macquarie on The Café Culture of “20 somethings” in Sydney’s Inner West and linking it with French Sociologists and their fluffy theories (I am such a wanker). I spent all of my adult life wearing grey and driving big ships, travelling the world and Australia. I now live in Gerringong with my inappropriately friendly dog #radarpup. I am a keen Stand Up Paddleboarder, woeful yet enthusiastic skier, cocktail connoisseur, road-trip rebel, dad joke repeater and slightly socially awkward. My job will be to gather all your stories of awesome experiences and events and put them together with some other cool bits and pieces in archive worthy publications chronicling #medlyf at UOW for past and future cohorts to peruse with adoration. If you’ve got the gossip or a juicy scoop send your photos and drafts to jhc049@uowmail.edu.au – Remember if it’s not in Rupture… did it even happen?



Blake Lindsay

Cohort             2017
Hometown      Sydney
Background     Science 

Hey everyone! I'm the WUMSS IT guy this year. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in Australia since primary school. As IT officer I hope to keep this website a tight ship. If you're having any issues with the website or events pages I'm your guy. You can catch me IRL on the Shoalhaven campus most of the time, or URL at web@wumss.org.au.








Cohort            2017
Hometown     Orange
Background    Environmental Engineering

I was born in Zimbabwe but moved to Australia a few years ago now. I studied environmental engineering at Newcastle before making the transition to medicine. As environmental officer I'd like to help people become more involved and engaged with their local environment. We also work with Doctors for the Environment Australia organisation and aim to get other medical students involved as well.







Cohort             2016       
Hometown     Wollongong 
Background    Medical and Health Science

Hi, I'm Jaimi. Grew up around Wollongong (and did undergrad at UOW) and I was a Shoalie in phase 1.  Another aspect of my life is studying medicine. It's a pretty great aspect of life and I'm grateful for the GSM letting me into their medical school every day. Of course the work can get overwhelming at times - and that's why WUMSS has health and well being reps! That's me! If you're experiencing academic issues, or if you're wondering about life on either campus, or if the resident Shoalhaven kangaroos are congregating forebodingly about your car (happens) - then get in touch with me for at least 2/3 of these issues. Otherwise I might be found at Chicko's, Kmart, or at home with the cats. They are very furry creatures and are the reason I keep a roll of masking tape on my passenger's seat. To de-fur my clinical clothes.






Cohort            2017
Hometown    Who knows. Somewhere country.
Background   Physiotherapy

Hello everyone and welcome! I grew up in Tassie, but eventually dyed my convict locks chocolate brown and took off on the big boat for the mainland. I tried to hide myself in Melbourne for a few years, but without the natural skills for hook turns or taste buds for cold brew coffee, decided that I would be much better off in the red desert of Central Australia. The coffee there was always hot, and there were only four sets of traffic lights with the regular turn left or right scenario. But no amount of 50+ sunscreen was going to save me, and the Tasmanian in me called me for the cooler climates of rural NSW. I’ve loved being a part of med life at UOW, and can’t wait to welcome you to our community. Grab me anytime for a coffee, a surf or if you need to ask someone if it’s the GM or GSM.










Cohort            2017