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LOT 6 Northfields Ave
Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society



David Tuffley

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Gympie
Background     Biomedical Science

Hey! I’m David, the newest member of WUMSS’s dynamic social duo. I grew up in a little Queensland town called Gympie, so to be honest just being here is great! More recently my family moved to Noosa, where the coffee is about $10. I honestly feel like I’m making money when I buy coffee at ‘The Yard’ between 2pm and 3pm (it’s happy hour and coffee is $2.50 if you didn’t know. You’re welcome!). Anyway getting back on track, I’m really looking forward to organizing all the social events this year. Much like my partner in crime Jen, I think it’s really important to have fun away from med. You can sit through lectures all day learning about alcohol metabolism but we all know that practical learning is the most effective way (always drink responsibly #hellosundaymorning). If you have any ideas for social events, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to a great year!




Cohort              2015
Hometown      Hervey Bay
Background     Science, Public Health

I was born in Nigeria and raised in Fiji before finally settling down in Hervey Bay. Being 4’11 quelled any dreams I had of becoming a professional netball player so I’ve dedicated the past 6 years to being a professional student instead. I believe in ‘work hard, play hard’ and my years of study have taught me that the key to maintaining any semblance of sanity is making sure that you take the time to let your hair down and shake what your mama gave you. I’m excited to help organise some amazing events for you all this year and make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to de-stress when you need it. I’m always up for a chat or a laugh (whether it’s with me or at me). Looking forward to getting to know you all!




Sara Zanetti

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Queanbeyan
Background     Sport and Exercise Science

Hi, I’m Sara and I’m from Queanbeyan in NSW. I studied sport and exercise science at the University of Canberra and worked at the university teaching before starting medical school this year. I am a rower and I have been getting to know the Wollongong area by running, cycling and hiking all around the place.

Jaimi and I are your academic representatives for WUMSS. We are here to assist you with your studies and organise programs and academic events such as the mentoring program and inspiration night. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you see us on campus – I am at Wollongong and Jaimi is at Shoalhaven.



Jaimi daniels

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Wollongong
Background     Medical and Health Science

Hi, I'm Jaimi. Grew up around Wollongong (and did undergrad at UOW) but in the present-day I'm a Shoalie. My double life sees me doing a bit of driving and the most difficult decision of my week is whether to get to Nowra via Bolong or Berry. Berry invariably ends with a raised BP and a vow never to go via Berry again. Another aspect of my life is studying medicine. It's a pretty great aspect of life and I'm grateful for the GSM letting me into their medical school every day. Of course the work can get overwhelming at times - and that's why WUMSS has academic reps! That's me (and the lovely Sara!). If you're experiencing academic issues, or if you're wondering about life on either campus, or if the resident Shoalhaven kangaroos are congregating forebodingly about your car (happens) - then get in touch with me for at least 2/3 of these issues. Otherwise I might be found at Chicko's, Kmart, or at home with the cats. They are very furry creatures and are the reason I keep a roll of masking tape on my passenger's seat. To de-fur my clinical clothes



Sophie Henderson 


Cohort              2015
Hometown      Ballarat
Background     Biomedical Science


Hello! I'm Soph, and I will be your sports rep. Some of you may be asking (and many already have) - 'does she even play sports?' But fear not, what I lack in sporting abilities, I make up for in somewhat misguided enthusiasm! I hail from a town called Ballarat and live in a house made of solid gold. I did my undergrad in biomed at Deakin in Victoria. My most memorable sport achievement was winning gold in the 4x100m individual medley at the Rio Olympic games in 2016. If anyone wants to start a team, join a team, or do anything remotely sport-related, please do ten burpees then send me an email at:




                              INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE

                              Shivam kapadia


Cohort              2016
Hometown      Toronto
Background     Neuroscience/Cancer

Hi I'm Shiv the International Rep for WUMMS. Born and bred in the Canadian way, I only take my pancakes with maple syrup. I come from a neuroscience and cancer background, and I'm always keen to talk research. Otherwise, my mistresses in life include: tennis, photography and cooking. My goals as international rep are to make sure all the internationals and domestics get along, help anyone adjust to life in the Gong, and help plan for internships/ residencies as much as I can. Look forward to working with all of you!





Jess Cusumano


Cohort              2016
Hometown      Sydney
Background     BSc Hons (Chemistry, Geography and something involving computers and spreadsheets)

Sydney by birth but South Coast in Spirit and a Shoalie for life. I did a Science Degree at ADFA in Chemistry and Geography. I remember pretty much nothing to do with Chemistry and focussed on the Arts side of Geography. I did my honours thesis at Macquarie on The Café Culture of “20 somethings” in Sydney’s Inner West and linking it with French Sociologists and their fluffy theories (I am such a wanker). I spent all of my adult life wearing grey and driving big ships, travelling the world and Australia. I now live in Gerringong with my inappropriately friendly dog #radarpup. I am a keen Stand Up Paddleboarder, woeful yet enthusiastic skier, cocktail connoisseur, road-trip rebel, dad joke repeater and slightly socially awkward. My job will be to gather all your stories of awesome experiences and events and put them together with some other cool bits and pieces in archive worthy publications chronicling #medlyf at UOW for past and future cohorts to peruse with adoration. If you’ve got the gossip or a juicy scoop send your photos and drafts to – Remember if it’s not in Rupture… did it even happen?



Ali Farhan

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Ottawa
Background     Biopharmaceutical Science 

Hey Guys! Welcome to Wumss. I will be your Web/IT officer for the upcoming year. When I’m free, and not stuffing my face with books, I like to spend as much time outdoors. I love playing all sorts of sports like soccer, basketball, netball, volleyball. My hobbies include biking, hiking, and exploring all that nature has to offer (with the exception of anything that basically moves). If you have any issues with tech related stuff or just want to have a quick chat I’m your guy!!

Before e-mailing me, try restarting it. But if you must:







Cohort            2015
Hometown     Shepparton Victoria
Background    Osteopath 

The health of any population is inherently dependent on the environment in which it lives. As the WUMSS environment officer, I want to get people to get into the habit of being connected to their local environment and feel positive and empowered about doing things that benefit their local area. I also work with the Doctors for the Environment Australia organisation and aim to get other medical students involved as well.








Cohort             2016       
Hometown     Ukraine 
Background    B.Med Science 

My role in WUMSS is to help you achieving a work-life balance in order to maintain your medical enthusiasm (and sanity). My favourite activities revolve around cooking and sport: Touch Footy Tuesdays, Water Polo Wednesdays, and my new challenge is to become a surf bum by the end of this degree. If I am not around the GSM chances are I am in Canberra spending time with my partner and the dogs. I hope I can bring a new perspective on managing studies, finding time for yourself, all whilst enjoying your med-life journey! Remember to make time for what makes you happy, and if you aren’t sure what that is, come grab me so we can find out over a cup of coffee.






My name is Laura (or Whitey if you don’t want every Laura in the GSM answering you!) I grew up on the delicious breakfasts of Melbourne and am still searching for the ultimate Wollongong café. Travelling, studying medicine and watching sunrise/sunsets make me really happy! As the community engagement officer I hope to help make the transition/move to Wollongong easier and fun for new students. I’m always up for a chat, so feel free to come and say hello, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you settle in!