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LOT 6 Northfields Ave
Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

Executive Committee


MitchelL Murray


Cohort               2016
Hometown        North Avoca
Background      Physiotherapy 

I am originally from North Avoca on the Central Coast of NSW but have lived in both Sydney and London since. I’m a Physio, sports fan, love travel, music, diving and don’t mind a good Dad Joke either. My job is to make your job easier so let me know how I can help. If you have any questions about what WUMSS does for our students, mental health support, upcoming events or even where to get the best coffee in town, I’m your man!





Brittany Weir

Brittany Weir.jpg

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Noosa
Background     Physiotherapy

Hey guys I’m Britt! I grew up in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast- yes I’m a Queenslander. I’m a Physio and love all sports (perhaps a little too competitively), good banter and the beach. I believe the best stress relief is to get outside! If that fails, then kill two birds with one stone and grab some red wine for some anti-oxidants and a good time. I am very much a coffee snob- when it comes to good coffee Espresso Warriors put up a good fight for the best brew on campus and for in town Bull & Bear is the place to go. As clinical VP I represent UOW on the NSW Medical Council, and as well as supporting the president, my role is to support the students in their clinical years together with the pre-clinical students as they transition into their clinical years. I am always happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to chat to me anytime!





Kolten abbott

Cohort              2016
Hometown      Ontario, Canada
Background     Concussion Research

I’m Kole, your pre-clinical VP. I grew up in rural Ontario, Canada and have been lucky enough to call Australia home for the past year! In my previous life, I spent my days doing concussion research and evenings playing ice hockey, but have since turned into a washed-up athlete/political junkie. My goals as pre-clinical VP is to make your experience (both academic and non-academic) in the GM, the best that it can be! If you can’t see me at the GM, I am sure you will hear me (Canadians tend to be loud). If you ever want to chat, I love instant coffee and cold, frothy beverages – so don’t hesitate to pull me up!





Cohort              2016







David tuffley


Cohort              2015
Hometown      Gympie
Background     Biomedical Science

Hey! I’m David, the new treasurer for WUMSS in 2017/18. I grew up in a little Queensland town called Gympie but more recently my family moved to Noosa, where the coffee is about $10, so dealing with overpriced items is something I’m used to. After organising events as social rep in the previous year, I have a good understanding of the Treasurer role and I am looking forward to keeping WUMSS going forward as it has in previous years.. My aim is to help the committee leave WUMSS in a better place when our time finishes. I am approachable and happy to discuss any issues so if you have any questions please contact me. Looking forward to a great year!






Cohort              2016
Hometown      Hong kong
Background     Psychology 

Hello from the country side! My name is Henness, an indigenous villager from HK. UOW is my first time in Australia, after studying psychology in York, UK and working in research and advocacy. I wonder if I will ever fully comprehend how massive this country is, but I most certainly enjoy Mount Keira and the Pacific waves. These days I put a lot of effort in to keep my own study-life balance through #uowyoga and many Wellbeing & Student Life activities. I would encourage you to keep your grass green in your most comfortable ways. My role as AMSA Representative is to connect, inform and represent our GSM family with issues that may impact our health and that of Australians. I look forward to serving as your channel between the national body and #ourGSMfamily.





James dudas


Cohort              2017
Hometown      Coolum
Background     Biomedical Science

Hey! I’m James and I was born and raised in England before moving to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland 10 years ago. In my previous life, I studied biomedical science and worked as a barista, so I essentially run on coffee. In my position as AMSA Representative, I will be the voice connecting you to the national body for Australian medical students to ensure we can make the most of the fortunate positions we are in as medical students. I am always happy to meet up to discuss any ideas or concerns that you may have in regard to UOW AMSA.





Bridie mckenzie

Cohort              2017
Hometown      Warrnambool  
Background     Science

My name is Bridie and I'm originally from South West Victoria, but have lived in Melbourne for the last 5 years. My undergrad was in Public Health, but my extracurricular passions lie in music, good food & puns. My main roles are ensuring good relations with our current sponsors and organising new sponsorship opportunities for the club. If you are interested in the role for next year or just want to have a chat about med/life/food whatever you want.