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LOT 6 Northfields Ave
Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

Phase Representatives


BriTtany Weir


Cohort            2016
Hometown    Noosa
Background   Physiotherapy

Hey guys I’m Britt! I grew up in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, yes I’m a Queenslander. I’m a Physio and in between my Phase rep duties I am known to remind you to stretch and am a stickler for pilates. I love all sports, good banter and the beach. I believe the best stress relief is to get outside! If that fails then kill two birds with one stone and grab some red wine for some anti-oxidants and a good time. I am very much a coffee snob- when it comes to coffee on campus Espresso Warriors put up a good fight for the best brew on campus. As phase 1 rep I supply your chocolate needs (what’s life without chocolate) and deck you out in merch (who didn’t try this hard to get into med and not want to tell the whole world about it through embroidery). I’m here to make phase 1 easier and be the voice of the students to the staff, so please don’t       hesitate to chat to me anytime!



                                                                                                                   LAURA ROBSON 

Cohort            2016
Hometown    Melbourne 
Background   Psychology 

Hailing from Melbourne I quit my life as a psychologist and researcher to pursue the dream of medicine. I am a city girl at heart, loving coffee and good music as most Melbournians do, but am embracing the shift to the laid back south coast lifestyle. As the Shoalie representative, I am available to all Phase 1 students regarding all related WUMSS topics, including but not limited to, social, academics, personal and of course chocolates and soft drink queries. My aim in life is to have honest and open communication with people so I look forward to helping out where I can , and contributing to a fun and successful year!



                                                                                                       PHASE 2 REPRESENTATIVES

Jessica Moyes


Cohort              2015
Hometown     Umina Beach  

Hey team. I'm Jess and I am one of the phase two wumss representatives. I'm from Umina Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, so the move to Wollongong wasn't much of a lifestyle change for me thankfully. I love the beach, outdoor sports and some of the local hikes! I'll mostly be liaising between the student body of phase two cohort and the academic and professional staff, however would love to help out in any way possible with all other areas of wumss so feel free to contact me anytime.








                                                                 Cohort              2015

                                                                 Hometown      Chicago 


                                                                 Hi I’m Sonya. I grew up in the burbs of Chicago, but I also call parts of Canada, and now Australia, my home.                                                                  Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing volleyball and board games. I am looking forward to being a Phase 2                                                                          Representative this year - my main role will be representing the interests of my phase and liaising all things                                                                      Phase 2 with WUMSS and the GSM staff. Feel free to reach out and say hello if you have anything to discuss                                                                  about Phase 2 or anything else!



AiAsha Saikal


Cohort              2014
Hometown      Canberra

Hi everyone! I'm Aiasha and I'm the new phase 3 rep. Now that I'm a responsible old med student I thought it was time to hang up the social rep boots and try something new. I've been a part of WUMSS for the last 2 years and am proud as punch to represent the greatest cohort to grace the GSM- class of 2017, as the phase rep. Soph and I are always around to answer any questions, provide support, and be here for a laugh and a good time. I'm looking forward to advocating on behalf of the year and organizing the greatest grad week bash in history! Am always around for the other years as well if you need to chat med or life. 






                                                                 Cohort              2014