Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

Phase Representatives



Cohort            2017
Hometown    Sydney
Background   Radiography

Hey babes, My name is Emma and I’m from Sydney where I was a busy radiographer/bioethicist/coffee-snob/crazy dog lady. I’m loving the laidback coastal life (when I’m not imprisoned in the Learning Centre by renal physiology) and am more than happy to provide any Phase One help you need. Come and find me for chats about the first year of medical school, where the best coffee on campus is and how the complexities of the content relate to the amount of chocolates consumed in the tea room.





Cohort           2017
Hometown    Bunbury
Background   Pharmacy 

Hey I’m Ha-Vy your Phase 1 Shoalie rep! I grew up in the WA town of Bunbury, did my undergrad in Perth, my pharmacist internship in Broken Hill and am now loving life in good ol’ Nowra. As the Shoalie representative, I am available to all Phase 1 students regarding all related WUMSS topics, including but not limited to, social, academic, personal and of course chocolate and soft drink queries. I’m always keen for a good chat, so don’t be afraid to hit me up!



                                                                                                       PHASE 2 REPRESENTATIVES

Katherine Pryor

Cohort             2015
Hometown     Griffith  

Hey everyone, I'm Katherine (most people just call me KP) and I am one of the two Phase 2 representatives. I grew up in Griffith NSW and moved to Wollongong for my undergraduate degree and have since made Wollongong my home! I'm new to WUMMS and alongside Bransen am very excited to represent the 2019 cohort. Our main role is to liase all things Phase 2 between students, WUMMS and the GM staff. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything else. Always up for a chat!







Cohort            2016
Hometown     Jamberoo
Background    Engineering

Hi everyone! I’m one of your Phase 2 reps. In this role I aim to represent the interests of the phase 2 cohort by attending regular phase meetings with the academic staff.

As a phase rep, we relay to the academic staff any concerns you may be having, issues you think should be addressed, and anything that you think will help the cohort. We then push for change on the matters that are important to you. So we can’t do our job without your help! Feel free to contact myself or Katherine if you have any queries or concerns



                           Ashlee hendrick

Cohort              2015
Hometown      Mudgee
Background     Medical Science

My name is Ashlee and I grew up in a pub in a tiny little village known as Cooyal, outside of Mudgee.  After boarding school, I did my undergraduate at Wagga, honours at the Children’s Cancer Institute and somehow ended up at UOW. During a study tour of Europe, I got offered a job in a pharmacy at home and have been working as a pharmacy assistant ever since.

Although my role in WUMSS is as your phase 3 & 4 representative for this year, I am more than happy for anyone from any year group to come and chat with me! I am always up for chats so if ever your in need of a friendly face come and find me. 


                                  jeffrey ng

Cohort              2015
Hometown      Sydney
Background     Physiotherapist

Hey there! I’m Jeff. Originally from Sydney and after spending my whole life there I did the not so big move to Wollongong. I studied physio as my undergrad at USYD (the inferior university but no bias there) and worked for numbers before I got into Medicine. Although medicine and its committees are an important of my life now I do like to enjoy and remember the little things. I’m a keen rock climber and prefer to spend my times at the beach instead of the library.

I was a previous treasurer of WUMSS and have also held executive positions in a few other clubs.

As phase 3 and 4 rep my wish is to be able to voice any concerns or issues my cohort may have and be their advocate inside the GSM/GM in order to help improve their experience through their medical degree but also create positive changes for future cohorts.

My door is always open to anyone if they ever need to chat or vent and will happily buy the first round of beer/wine/coffee/tea.