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LOT 6 Northfields Ave
Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

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President's Welcome


Hello and welcome to Wollongong University Graduate School of Medicine! A big congratulation goes out to you all! You have overcome one of the biggest hurdles of your career, getting into medical school! The next four years will push to limits you didn’t dream possible, you will learn an incredible amount academically and emotionally and along the way you will meet the most amazing people who will become life-long friends and colleges. The last eighteen-month for me has been a wild adventure but one of the most rewarding and fulfilling of my life. You will get out of medical school what you put in, so be prepared to work hard but don’t forget to live a little. Take every opportunity that comes your way and have fun with it. I can’t wait to meet all the fresh new faces, so if you are not already, get excited! Check out the Fresher Guide on this website. This will help you prepare for your new life as a medical student with information written and compiled by your dedicated team of student representatives.

Good luck with the year ahead! Enjoy the new experiences and we will be here to help guide and support you every step of the way.

Laura Hombsch

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