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Wollongong University Medical Students' Society


Resources for Phase 1

2014 Cohort Study methods survey

2018 Exam Club files

What is exam club? Exam club is a great way to practice for exams and also to discuss your answers and highlight the things that you still need to work. The plan is upload an exam each week, full length - 3 hours. Aim to do it under exam conditions. Our exams usually took less than 2 hours to complete. Going by last year's exam club, it works out best if you go through the answers with your study group/friends (going through it in a big group is too inefficient). I will also post answers if they are available for each exam, but these answers are only a guide. 

Important point: The exams and answers are written by students and may not be entirely correct, and they are not officially University-Endorsed, so that's why it's best to go through it with your study group and discuss what you think is an appropriate answer. Please contact your Academic Rep. for questions on these exams, or on exam technique generally. Thanks and good luck! 

2018 Exam Club Week 1 exam

2018 Exam Club week 1 answers

2018 Exam Club Week 2 exam

2018 Exam Club Week 2 answers

2018 Exam Club Week 3 exam

2018 Exam Club Week 3 answers