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LOT 6 Northfields Ave
Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

Roly Stokes - Social Rep (Shoalhaven) 2013/2014

Roly Stokes.png

Name: Roly Stokes

Cohort: 2013

Previous University: University of Sydney (B. Mechanical Engineering & B. Sc. Physics)

Hometown: Glenorie, NSW

Yo. I’m Roly. What’s cracking?

Warning: Bad medicine analogy approaching.

Welcome to medicine. Where we are all pregnant mothers.

It is our task over the next 10+ years to give birth to the most upstanding of careers: a medical doctor.  As in pregnancy, the ever-growing fetus of knowledge we are to cultivate will demand the finest nutrients and energy that we, as mothers, are able to supply. And it is a spectacularly worthwhile cause of which to dedicate so much high performance time and energy. However, IF we allow it, the study fetus will consume all of our energy. The baby will thrive but at the expense of the mother.

It is up to Cheryl and I, as your WUMSS Social Representatives, to ensure that all of us mothers PARTY ON DOWN. That each of us have a damn good excuse to use that high-powered, excellent portfolio, interview savvy, A-type energy and nutrition not just to cultivate some future self, but to actually live in THIS moment. To experience all you can in this spectacularly fulfilling phase of life they call med school. Where we have little responsibility AND the privilege of stupendous amounts of learning. Don’t take med school for granted. Milk it for all it is worth. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the experience is solely about study.

Wow, that got kinda preachy. Awkward. Sorry about that! Fortunately only a few words left for my bio.

I feel qualified to help you socialize due to my largely irrelevant history of doing stuff, such as:

  •   Checking out the world
  • Built a few solar houses and other stuff
  • Made a film
  • Designed some medical devices
  • Oh yeah, and I’ve been the social rep wherever there has been a chance to do so…

2014 is going to be a stellar year people! Let’s do it!!!!!