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Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

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Sponsorship Officer

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Position Description


WUMSS Executive


Sponsorship Officer

Responsible to:

WUMSS President

Position summary:

The WUMSS Sponsorship Officer 2015-2016 will represent UoW medical students, and will be responsible for liaising with existing and potential sponsors.  The Sponsorship Officer distributes the Sponsorship Prospectus to sponsors in January each year and continues to oversee all communication with sponsors, assisting with sponsor access to students and ensuring relevant advertising in published. Advertising includes online advertising on the WUMSS website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account as well as Sponsored pages in Rupture. The Sponsorship Officer needs to be dedicated and an effective communicator. No prior experience is required though a friendly, outgoing personality is an asset.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Create and maintain relationships and communication with both existing and potential sponsors by:

  • Editing and distributing the annual Sponsorship Prospectus; 
  • Negotiating and authorizing all Sponsorship agreements with new and existing partners. This may include creating quotes for events or items not described in the current Prospectus;
  • Liaising with Sponsorship partners to create mutually beneficial relationships which benefit the wider student body;
  • Communicating all Sponsorship activities with the WUMSS executive and committee;
  • Being the primary contact for all WUMSS Sponsors and affiliated groups;
  • Being responsible for all online advertising featured on the WUMSS website (via the WUMSS IT Officer), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts;
  • Liaise with the WUMSS Publications Officer to ensure all adverts in Rupture are correct at the time of print;
  • Liaise with the WUMSS Treasurer to ensure that invoices are delivered to Sponsors and ensure that Sponsors are aware of the deadline of payments;
  • Attend all WUMSS events in which Sponsors will be attending and ensure that agreed outcomes are met; 
  • Host competitions for Sponsors and be responsible for delivering prizes to students;
  • Keep up to date records of all agreements made (including payment amounts) and follow them up accordingly, so that all parties are satisfied;
  • Adhere to the current WUMSS Sponsorship policy;
  • Mentor the incoming Sponsorship Officer in regard to their role and responsibilities during the official handover period. This includes reporting on the pros and cons of specific Sponsorship partnerships;
  • Represent WUMSS and UoW medical students at GSM and University events and meetings;
  • Vote on resolutions at meetings; and,
  • Assist other WUMSS Executive and Committee members in other matters when required.


The Sponsorship Officer must have proficient knowledge in the following: 

  • The Aims and vision of WUMSS;
  • The WUMSS Constitution; 
  • The current Sponsorship Prospectus
  • The current WUMSS sponsorship partnerships.


The Sponsorship Officer must demonstrate the following skills: 

  • Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • A good sense of equity and rightfulness;
  • Independent decision making;
  • Be able to work effectively within different team dynamics;
  • Ability to create deadlines for Sponsors and politely enforce them;
  • Ability to confidently approach, work with and mediate with corporate professionals;
  • Operation of online social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter);
  • Stress management; and,
  • Time management.

Personal Attributes:

The Secretary must maintain strict confidentiality in performing their duties, as well as demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Integrity and honesty;
  • Be respectful;
  • Be well spoken, confident and professional in their presentation;
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Flexibility; 
  • Be punctual; and
  • Demonstrate a sound and consistent work ethic.

For enquiries please contact the WUMSS (Sponsorship)