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Keiraville, NSW, 2500

Wollongong University Medical Students' Society

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Vice-President (pre-clinical)

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Position Description


WUMSS Executive



Responsible to:

WUMSS Executive, UoW students and GSM Administration

Position summary:

The WUMSS Vice-President of 2014-2015 will represent UoW medical students in an interpersonal and administrative fashion. You are required to take on organizational and creative roles, be accountable to your peers and support the WUMSS President in designated areas. 

Main duties and responsibilities:

As VP, you are required to:

  • Represent WUMSS and UoW medical students at GSM and University events and meetings 
  • Represent WUMSS and UoW medical students on the New South Wales Medical School Council; 
  • Liaise with the First Year Representative to organize merchandise for the students
  • Attend Phase Meetings to represent the interests of WUMSS
  • Take on roles that the President will delegate to you
  • Organise advertising and logistics for Inspiration Lecture
  • Mentor the incoming VP regarding their roles and responsibilities during the official handover period at the end of the year;
  • Vote on resolutions at meetings; and,
  • Assist other WUMSS Executive and Committee members in other matters when required. 
  • being prepared to travel for WUMSS business, which is often away from Nowra*
  • Developing a relationship with GSM staff from the Shoalhaven campus to address matters related the Nowra cohort* 


The Vice-President must have proficient knowledge in the following: 

  • The Aims and vision of WUMSS;
  • The WUMSS Constitution; and,
  • The generous and valued sponsors of WUMSS.
  • The intricacies of AMSA, its policy development and medical student matters in the wider community and on a national scale


The Vice-President must demonstrate the following skills: 

  • Team building;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • High level of organizational ability
  • Be resilient on team projects – work for the benefit of the organization and its students
  • Analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Decision making skills;
  • Ability to communicate effective, both verbally and non-verbally;
  • Time management skills, and the ability to meet schedules and deadlines.

Personal Attributes:

The Vice-President must maintain strict confidentiality in performing their duties, as well as demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Be passionate in their endeavours, personally and professionally;
  • Be honest and trustworthy;
  • Be respectful;
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • High degree of initiative,
  • Always have the interests of the students at heart – this is who you represent

For enquiries please contact the WUMSS (Secretary)